In House Wedding Services

Florentine Gardens provides the following in-house wedding services to help you pull off your wedding.

Through meticulous research and almost 20 years of industry expertise, we are proud to recommend our exclusive in-house services. Each service represents the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and integrity.


Our talented and versatile house band and state-of-the-art disc jockey have been in-house vendors since 2000. Deejay appointments are scheduled weekly, and live band showcases are hosted once a month. All in-house entertainment packages include our distinctive digital lighting system.


Renowned for our cutting-edge technology, The Estate at Florentine Gardens, in conjunction with Reel Moments Video, offers full-service videography, editing, and duplication services. Each video package includes two-camera ceremony coverage (either on site or on location) and three-camera coverage of the cocktail hour and dinner reception. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to provide a five-minute, fully edited highlight DVD recapping the day’s most memorable events. The DVD can be shared with your guests on our 10-foot screen approximately 30 minutes before the end your reception or given as a favor at the end of the affair.


A one-of-a-kind, visually unique presentation is designed to enhance your reception.


Captive your guests as we introduce bride, groom, and bridal party through a symphony of music perfectly sequenced to accompany a dazzling display of luminescent beams. Heighten the dramatic experience of your first dance, cake-cutting ceremony, family dances, and bouquet toss through carefully planned, pre-programmed lighting scenes and effects.


Introductions of your bridal party have concluded, and an anticipatory crowd awaits your introductions as husband and wife. Amidst dim lighting and subtle sounds, our concealed projector and screen gracefully and remotely appear from above. Personal and pre-selected photos accompanied by your favorite music selections emerge. Memories of childhood, adolescence, and present day captivate your guests. As the montage concludes and the room once again dims, bride and groom enter to a thunderous applause.


As the party progresses, selected moments of your special day are projected live on to our 10-foot screen. Through unobtrusive low lighting and quality digital video, our booth director captures all of your special moments.


Transform daytime to nightfall or simply enhance the quality of our lighting and special effects through use of our remote black-out shades.


We work closely with a number of priests, rabbis, ministers, etc. and can assist you in finding the perfect officiate to perform your on-site ceremony.

Please contact Sal Travis at 201-666-2717 or to reserve any or all of our in-house services.